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When Sweden And Gibraltar Join Forces For The Benefit Of Gambling

By Dorothy Plumb on March 3, 2021 0 Comments

We end the week with rather unusual information around the world of gambling since we learned today that the gambling regulatory authorities of Gibraltar and that of Sweden are joining forces for a partnership that promises to be rather surprising. .

A partnership that gets people talking

We therefore invite you to discover why the Swedish gaming regulatory authority has entered into a partnership with its counterpart in Gibraltar, the Gambling Division of the Ministry of Commerce.

A merger which openly displays a well-defined objective which is in fact to improve the control of gambling operators. It is therefore an association and above all a close collaboration which will give the two authorities the possibility of sharing information of common interest. Without forgetting that in addition, the two organizations will be able to assist each other on an operational level.

Towards better control of gambling operators

The objective is therefore assumed and it is to better control the operators of games of chance. It is for this reason that the Swedish gaming regulatory authority has decided to join forces with the counterpart authorities in other countries. A seduction operation which has no other goals than to increase the control of gambling regulatory authorities over gambling operators throughout Europe and it is therefore in this perspective that it has applied to the Gibraltar Gambling Regulatory Authority which is none other than the Gambling Division of the country’s Ministry of Commerce.

A partnership which is therefore carried out with a division which is rather recognized as being the most important in the country at the strategic level. It is indeed from this division of gambling that the United Kingdom succeeded in controlling online gambling in some of its overseas territories. We are therefore faced here with a brand new revolutionary partnership which will naturally benefit the two authorities and allow them to have much better monitoring of the movements of gaming operators who are present in the two territories.

On this occasion, the director of Spelinspektionen, Ms. Camilla Rosenberg, explains that some of the gambling operators who operate legally in Sweden have technical support and also operate legally in Gibraltar. But she will also add that after having signed a collaboration earlier this year with the MGA (Malta Gambling Authority), this new collaboration with the Gibraltar authorities will considerably strengthen the supervision of gambling in Europe.

A strategy on two axes

Here is a collaboration which is based on two very distinct axes which are to share information and to assist each other and openly. A collaboration between the Swedish and Gibraltarian gambling authorities which will effectively revolve around these two main axes which are the sharing of information on casinos and on matters of mutual interest.

This is a very big shared advantage that allows us to benefit from operational assistance when needed by the other, in compliance with the laws and procedures in force in the two respective countries. This was bound to happen one day and it is therefore for this year 2019 that everything is being put in place. For the head of the Gambling Division of the Gibraltar Ministry of Commerce, working with one of the most important regulatory authorities for games of chance, the Spelinspektionen, is an element of maximum satisfaction.

The latter will not fail at the same time to reiterate their satisfaction that the Spelinspektionen shares the same values ​​as them. A group which brings a strong and recognized importance to the issues of social responsibility, but which also focuses on fair competition and player protection.

And if we judge by their many and recent actions in the field, to reduce crime related to gambling, we suspect that the two partners will win very quickly and there is no doubt that these two organizations want here may this collaboration be prosperous and above all productive.

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